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ChloeY. A noun describing a Korean person who is just plain amazing! A girl who is loveable! She is like a legendary Pokemon, perhaps like mewtwo. Very rare and hard to come by. She's a person who thinks of others, as beautiful as a celebrity and who always seeks the best in people. She sometimes will pout but that is because she knows that you aren't being the best you can be. ChloeY is a girl, and however she takes a picture, it comes out natural and gorgeous. She is like the sunrise. She gives off a vine of freshness and hope. Just a girl who is simply amazing!!
Jessica is a ChloeY!
I wish ChloeY was my girlfriend.
My girlfriend is ChloeY
chloeY is sexy
by 042116 March 11, 2017
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Chloey is a beautiful girl who is usually a blonde. She will most likely like a boy who’s name starts with a J. If she talks to you she truly trust you.
Chloey is the name of a beautiful girl
by Chloey June 22, 2018
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