A wonderfully tasty, savory snack, sometimes served at parties/get-togethers, and an appetizer staple at Mexican restaurants.

-Requires a bag of tortilla/corn chips, and salsa (a Spanish/Latin American-originated sauce often consisting of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices) for dipping the chips in. The salsa can range from very mild to very hot/spicy. Many Mexican restaurants serve their own house-made chips with salsa complimentary to your table.

This snack is very popular and can be very addicting.
Guy at Mexican restaurant: "Hey waiter, more chips and salsa please... *hic*"

Waiter: "Sorry sir, you've already had 16 rounds. I'm cutting you off."
by spliffsicles June 22, 2012
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the act of consuming tortilla crisps and a spicy mixed dip of onions, tomatoes and other spices.
I just want to sit at home and chips and salsa.
by RikaRika March 3, 2010
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The disgusting act of vomiting inside an open vagina and then having intercouse

This act would therefore simulating a chip dipping into a bowl of salsa.

Usually done with Latina women for added lulz.
I gave her some "Chips and Salsa" last night.

"I just shared some serious chips and salsa with my latina maid."
Cool story, bro.
by Rhapaw June 22, 2010
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Any of the most basic sexual positions, missionary, 69, etc.
The first time we made love, it was chips and salsa
by elliot February 13, 2005
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having sex in a bathroom (in a hotel, house, etc) when all of your friends are in the outside room and know what you are doing
"where are brad and katy? and why is the bathroom locked, i really have to pee."
"dude you don't want to go in there, they're having chips and salsa."

"did you see corry follow christy into the bathroom? they're totally having chips and salsa. turn up the volume on the tv."
by chipsandsalsa December 20, 2009
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the bestest couple everrrrr, ee and al
i wish we were as cute as chips and salsa, i deff jock them
by andy February 1, 2005
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