Male Strippers that entertain orstrip in Las Vegas and Reno
Man, when I go to Las Vegas, I'm gonna see the Chippendales live.
by Adriana June 10, 2005
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A northern girl with fish eyes and a butt like JLo. Chippendales have very annoying northern accents and they always talk about the floor. Despite this, they make the best friends anyone can ask for.
That girl is such a Chippendale!!
by ichazz December 13, 2011
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A "Stairface Chippendale" is the term used to describe someone who thinks he is without fault in any situation and that the world owes him an apology because his own life is worthless.

"Stairface" may refer to either:

A. An area of granulation tissue positioned along ones head in a staircase-like formation, or

B. The fact that the person in question feels like he may walk all over someone as if they don't matter - because his righteousness reigns supreme.

Frequently, examples 'A' and 'B' are exemplified by one in the same person.

"Chippendale" is the reference that the offender believes that his high horse is justified, therefore allowing him to be the "Stairface" as described.
After the accident, he turned into a total Stairface Chippendale." "Really? I haven't talked to him to know..." "Oh yeah. He wears the scars as a badge requiring all those in the know to bow down in pity for him. Further, he uses the bad circumstances to justify his treating others, especially family, as worthless garbage." "Wow, that's rough dude." "Yeah it is, but that Stairface Chippendale can go fuck himself because the way he treats others is inappropriate and is better than he himself should be treated." "I see your point. What a doucher.
by kult December 13, 2010
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The manner of movement, to witch a male dancer if positioned over a sitting subject, drops his head below the subjects eye line and rises between the legs of the subject.
The Chippendale Lunge is a male dance move that is sexual in nature.
by 9x April 20, 2018
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