Basically, "fuck my dick" or "I don't understand you!" It's extremely racist to Asian people, especially Chinese people. You can use this to mock something you hear in Chinese
Jacky: *says something in Chinese*
Austin: Ching chong my ding dong!
Jacky: Huh?
by ala vanessa May 19, 2007
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This is a phrase many civilians use in order to express their nature and feeling .
Mum said "ching chong wallah ding dong " to her dog, and the dog said "ding dong wallah ching chong"
by AKIB KHAN January 29, 2018
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This word is used for when an asian is at your door
"Oh shit we have a CHING ALING DING"
- "herro im asian"
by IsntJamesButAlsoJames November 08, 2021
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