an Asian person so stupid he thinks ching chong is part of the Chinese language
Oh boy look at this ching ding in the class
by jimbo jim bob January 14, 2020
The way to call someone a no braining fucking retarded imbecile of a Lack of IQ completely idiotic dumbass nigger.
Jax: Hey Jale, I sent the sex tapes to the GC!

by SexualAnonymous September 20, 2022
It's what hoomuns call Asians and its a dick
#1. American" bing bong ching chong ding dong."
Asian: "Fuck off"
by Braxton Stewart February 16, 2018
Basically, "fuck my dick" or "I don't understand you!" It's extremely racist to Asian people, especially Chinese people. You can use this to mock something you hear in Chinese
Jacky: *says something in Chinese*
Austin: Ching chong my ding dong!
Jacky: Huh?
by ala vanessa May 20, 2007
This is a phrase many civilians use in order to express their nature and feeling .
Mum said "ching chong wallah ding dong " to her dog, and the dog said "ding dong wallah ching chong"
by AKIB KHAN January 29, 2018
This word is used for when an asian is at your door
"Oh shit we have a CHING ALING DING"
- "herro im asian"
by IsntJamesButAlsoJames November 9, 2021