You guys hungry? What do you say we go Chinese it tonight?

But we already Chinesed it yesterday!
by Grecops February 17, 2009
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Just because someone is Asian doesn’t mean they’re Chinese
Jimmy: hey look at that Chinese guy
Harold: bruh, he’s been a friend of mine since 1st grade, his name is Jerry and his dad is Japanese and his mom is Korean
by Kidswillbekids July 30, 2019
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Commonly used by some ignorant people as a catch-all term for all Asian Americans and Asian imigrants.
Person # 1: Dude, look at that Chinese girl over there, hot isn't she?

Person # 2: Hey, man, her names Mary, her parents are Korean, and I've known her since middle school!
by Alan May 8, 2004
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Refered to all people of Asian origin by people who are too ignorant to notice the OBVIOUS facial difference and cultures of the different races of Asia.
I am from the Philipines but people seem to call me Chinese all the time.
by Rolex lover June 6, 2005
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Anyone from China or Taiwan. Just because someone is Asian doesn't mean that they're Chinese. Many idiotic people firmly believe that all Chinese people are really smart nerds with small eyes that are quiet, boring, and antisocial. These people are racist and need to get a life. Chinese is just a race and does not define the personality.
She's Chinese, but she has big eyes and isn't quiet at all.

Kevjumba is Chinese.
by An ABC May 4, 2008
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The word many people attribute to non-Indian non Middle eastern asians they see.
Tom:Hey you chinese guy
Zul:I am a malay you dumbfuck.
Alan:Wow a chinese guy!
Man:Correction-i am a tagistannese
Alan:k,so which part of China are you from?
Man:No,I m from Tagistan!
Alan:I see!So which part of China is Tagistan at?
by Mamaturtle January 19, 2005
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Anyone from the People's Republic of China.
Great food, culture, and history.

Common stereotypes:
-Extremely good at math and science
-Straight A students
-Martial arts experts
-Plays violin, flute, or piano very well
-Great family values

Of course, most of those do tend to be true.
We have a Chinese valedictorian again.
by iamkungfujesus October 18, 2005
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