See Chinee and Foo
a common mispronunciation of "chinese food" also used to describe anything you want or to alleviate a situation.
"I sell you chinee foo! Pork fried rice krispie! 10 dollah!"
Someone else: wow your stupid
You: Chinee Foo!!
by Fer rizzle November 2, 2004
When someone makes a move on another and that person retracts their chin in rejection.
I went in for a smooch and she/he triple-chined me!
by DrDartagnan666 November 7, 2015
when you have a small dick and youve been jerking off to hard it starts to feel raw leading to chines rash
man idk how to tell my girlfriend i got a chines rash
by peahbutt June 15, 2017
When sexual acts between the male and female occur and the male inserts both testicles and shaft into the female anus and finishes biz
It was getting really hot and heavy then she farted so i gave her a chines darling to show that bitch what was up uhhhhhhhhh
by duddly gorplove February 5, 2009
In the act of sexual intercorse, then you take your penis out... take a few steps back.. then sprint at full force towards the girl. Jumping in the air to insert your penis back into the anal or vaginal cavity. This obscure method if done right will cause a powerful orgasm for both partners
Oh oh oh oh!!!! * begins chines goodbye*
Them:"Wtf are you doing?"
*proceeds with the ending of the goodbye"
Both: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only do this after you have been highly trained
by TheDarkOreo October 27, 2017
it’s a very dumb person who looks like a pig and is very short and for a reason she has a higher iq then the cutest guy on the planet (ig:mmd.0182)
manal chinees isn’t that smart
by moxemen August 10, 2020
Usually a pack of young Asian schoolgirls in last year of High School and/or first year College or University.
" Dude did you see all the Hot Young Chine at the Food Court?!!!"
" Yeah..I want Chinese take out LOL"
by will bitten March 7, 2018