Slang for the word 'Chillum' which is a pot smoke device for stoners that is larger than a one hitter. Using the word 'Chillers' in front of people who do not smoke wouldn't know you are talking about smoking chillums. They would probably think you are talking about beers.
Arik: Le'ts go rip some chillers.
Klayton: What a great idea. I haven't smoked in 2 hours.

Ram: Never go to the headshop and get a 'grab bag', I got a lame ass chiller with 'ICP' stamped on it...
Ernie: My chiller was 30 bucks and it is blue and orange and packs deep.

Steven: I sit at home all day and play Call of Duty and rip chillers.
Affelt: Why don't you come to my house and smoke chillers with me.
by Charizard peshyo November 07, 2011
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A small get-together where friends enjoy party activities without the chaos of a true party; a kickback.

The opposite of a "rager".
Hey Matt I'm having a chiller at my place tonight. Come smoke a bowl.

I'm not really feeling up to the bars tonight. Let's just have a chiller and drink at home.
by paxtank July 29, 2017
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Someone who is down with drug and urban culture in ever respect. Also enjoys chilling.
You: Can we do drugs in front of old mate?
Me: Yeah don't worry, he's a chiller.
by Diego November 20, 2003
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1. The people who see how awesome you look chilling, and decide to join you.

2. The people who normally don't chill with you, but decide just to come over and sit.
1. Chiller # 1: Dude, look at Richard over there just chilling under that tree. We should join him.

Chiller # 2: But then we'll be labeled as chillers, and I'd rather not have to wander to find a good group to join.

2. Friend No. 1: Ugh look at those guys, coming over here trying to chill with us, like they have a spot here.

Friend No. 2: I know right! They're such chillers.
by HolderOfTheNoose November 02, 2009
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A type of highball with ginger ale. Such as Gin Chiller, Vodka Chiller, Rum Chiller, ect.
I'm sick of Gin Chillers, I want a Tom Collins.
by Fase March 14, 2005
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one who exceeds at chilling
"dude that guy is so lax"

"yea he is a mad chiller"
by liljewise January 08, 2011
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A Chiller is someone who is chill and chill to chill with when you’re feeling chill. It’s a word chill guys use to describe people they think are chill.
Chiller1: You know Chillerson?

Chiller2: Oh yeah I met him. What a chiller.

Chiller1: Yeah Chillerson is a real chill chiller
by chillerson December 19, 2019
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