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An electronic console normally used for switching between and/or combining audio from two turntables. Controls typically at least consist of: one cross fader for switching between and combining tracks, two up faders which control the volume levels of the seperate audio feeds, multiple equilizers on seperate channels for limiting the amount of bass, mid-range, and treble in the output, and a master volume control for limiting the mixer output. Mixers have been in use for decades and have become an essential part of DJing.
Yo, that the new Vestax scratch mixer?
by Fase March 10, 2005
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(n)A grudge.
(v)to get mad
Derived from the word complex.
There ain't no need for your plex, it wasn't my fault.
by Fase March 10, 2005
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a combination/crossover between both metal and rap. most of the time this means that the same riff will repeat constantly in the song without much variation. its composition is made up of rap lyrics over the metal instrumental.
person 1: did you hear "one minute" by X?
person 2: yea! I kinda felt like it was metal rap
by Fase December 12, 2018
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A female YouTuber from Las Vegas, Nevada. Who has recently been in the spotlight, after IDubbz exposed her for her racist comments. Her channel consists of rants and videos involving stories that are either filled with holes or are completely exaggerated.
Tana Mongeau is the cancer of youtube vlogs.
by Fase February 8, 2017
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Often said whenever you or your friends see a impressive,expensive, or interesting item. A reference to troupes in movies talking about one last job, it's often a good joke when out in public.
Person 1: Woah these are some sick chains.
Person 2: (Points at Shelf) One Last Heist
by Fase March 13, 2017
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A jigger is a unit of measurment when dealing with alcohol. One jigger is 1 1/2 oz, the ammount of alcohol in most highballs as well as the size of a shot.
Bartender 1 picks up jigger to measure
Bartender 2: Amature, pros dont need jiggers.
by Fase March 14, 2005
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