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Chiggy is a word that can be used in many contexts, as a verb, acknowledgement, affirmation, denial, or even as an expletive. It is often used as a question that does not need to be fully expressed because it is expected by the other party, and as such is usually answered with chamba. In other cases, it serves as a substitute for obscenities in times of surprise, anger, or happiness. It can also be used to replace the verb of a sentence, and this alteration is generally coupled with the replacement of the subject with chamba.
It is half of the full phrase 'chiggy chamba'.
Hey, the pizza just got here, so hurry up if you wanna chiggy on this chamba.
by Chambadon June 16, 2010
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The relationship between chanelle and ziggy on big brother 8, uk. People call them "chiggy" for ease
Hey man, didya see chiggy dry-hump the shit outta eachother yesterday?
by BLlKSS June 10, 2007
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someone who is very good at physics and maths but can not speak very good english.
that guy is well clever but he can not speak english at all, he is such a chiggy.
by sizzler33 September 13, 2007
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when you poop your pants, take them off, and eat the poop so you dont have to change your pants.
Ishtar- "Dude, you just shat yourself!!"
Meeghey- "i know, but i just gave myself a chiggy, so its all good."
Ishtar- "Thats not chocolate?"
by ecofriendly August 09, 2006
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