Someone who is not only amazing at doing their job, but other jobs as well.

A straight up stud in the workplace; good worker
“He cooked, bused, and cleaned dishes tonight! What a chamba

I have never seen someone so chamba in my life”
by nowisdmoment March 18, 2019
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Matt: Hey dude wana go smoke some chamba?
Kyle: Yeah bro, let's wait until 4:20.
Matt: word up.
by *Puerta* September 15, 2006
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A homie that is always there for you, and is basically family. One that you don’t ever have to worry about having your back because he or she always does.
A nickname for your #1 homie.
*A deer crosses the road right in front of your car and you and your homie both throw there arm in front of the other person to protect him or her like a mom would to her child.

“That’s a chamba move”
“Hey Chamba, you trying to go grab a bite to eat?”
by May 27, 2018
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Chamba is a word that is intrinsically linked with chiggy, and is rarely used without it. Chamba is often used as a response to someone making an inquiry using chiggy. The information requested via chiggy is connoted through the tone of the response, and is therefore only useful for expressing relatively simple answers, such as 'This might work', or 'Don't do that'.

Other times, chamba is used to replace the subject of a sentence in which the verb has been replaced with chiggy.
Chamba won't chiggy until Mark gets home from work.
by Chambadon June 16, 2010
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