When having sex with a girl, pull out just before cuming and ejaculate into your hand, then scream "CHIDORI" just before you smack a girl palm first with your sperm covered hand. Bonus points if you have the angst-filled expression of an angry sasuke.
"Yo how was your date last night" "Man i was going good till I chidori'd that bitch in the face. Then she got all mad. No worries tho i was finished anyways."
by Jenova & Chocolate Thunder November 05, 2009
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An assasination move created by Kakashi, that he taught Sasuke.

Ironically, Sasuke has yet to kill anyone using Chidori, with each of his failed attempts secretly being accompanied by the statement, "Dammit!"
Example #1
Sasuke: (charges Chidori) Chidori!
(Sasuke breaks through Gaara's sand sphere, but doesn't get the kill)
Sasuke: Dammit!

Example #2
Sasuke: (charges Chidori) Chidori!
(Sasuke attacks the Shukaku-crazed Gaara, connects but only enrages the Funky Tanuki)
Sasuke: Dammit!

Example #13
Sasuke: (charges chidori) Chidori!
(Sasuke charges Itachi in a mania, attack deflected like child's play)
Sasuke: Dammit!

Example #89
Sasuke: (charges Chidori) Chidori!
(Sasuke surprises Dotou and blindsides him, makes a small fracture in his armor)
Sasuke: Dammit!

Example #205
Sasuke: (charges Chidori) Chidori!
(Sasuke aims for Naruto's heartt, misses and hits lung only for Naruto to regenerate)
Sasuke: Dammit!

Example #1,503
Sasuke: (charges Chidori) Chidori!
(Sasuke aims to kiill a One-Tailed Naruto, clashes and only manages to punch him)
Sasuke: Dammit!

Example #46,213
Sasuke: (charges Chidori) Chidori!
(Sasuke flies towards Leech-possessed Shinnou, only able to break past his barrier)
Sasuke: Dammit!
by Anonymous Legend October 15, 2009
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Chidori meaning One Thousand Birds, the chakra shape of changing through lightning nature making it the Chidori. How you use the Chidori is through a combination of handsigns they are: Ox -> Rabbit -> Monkey Or Monkey -> Dragon -> Rat -> Bird -> Ox -> Snake -> Dog -> Tiger -> Monkey. The jutsu can be changed by derived jutsu such as Chidori Stream and Chidori Blade. The Chidori could more powerful as the user desires and is used in different variations like Flapping Chidori, Sage Of Six Paths Chidori and Inferno Style: Flame Control combined with Chidori. The mastered chakra controlled version would be Raikiri meaning Lightning Blade

The users who have used the Chidori are Kakashi and Sasuke
I am going to use my jutsu that I have learnt *does handsigns* CHIDORI
by Diran-cooooooooooooooooow January 20, 2018
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A male is getting a blow job. Right before they nut they push the girl away finish the nut in their hand then slap her in the face with the hand covered in cum and scream chidori
I was getting a blow job and gave her a chidori.
by daddydoo432 September 18, 2018
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Literally: "One Thousand Birds", it is a technique created by Hatake Kakashi after he failed to infuse his lightning nature manipulation into the Rasengan. It primarily an assassination technique and can only be properly used by one who possesses the Sharingan. Uchiha Sasuke has adopted this jutsu and modified it for his own uses.
by Kazama Arashi December 26, 2007
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A.K.A. "Lightning Edge"
The only original move used by Copy Ninja Kakashi.
Involves focusing chakra to the hand and striking an opponent at an incredibly high speed.
Primary use: assassination

Kakashi passed this technique on to Uchiha Sasuke.
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