The literal translation is thousand bird spiral. The Move sends lightning bolts in every direction. Sasuke learns to use the move during the time skip and shows it off in Shippuden.
In Shippuden Sasuke uses Chidori nagashi against Yamatao's Wood Style Jutsu.
by leafninja868 May 26, 2009
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Variant of the chidori that uses the name “one thousand birds” upgraded by the power of the six paths. Otherwise black chidori
Sasuke uses onyx chidori with naruto’s sage art: magnet style rasengan
by Onyx Chidori November 15, 2017
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When you pull out a girl just before cumming and you put the sperm on your hands then smash the face of the girl while screaming CHIDORI

by Willi2000 July 1, 2019
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when having sex with a girl, as soon as you’re about to cum, pull your dick back and fourth, and as you rapid fire on her face scream out “chidori senbon”.
I chidori senboned her face last night!
by Hanna Lopez December 31, 2021
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1. (For Boys Only) To Have Sex in bed and the girl asks you to cum inside of her, Then you yell "CHIDORI STREAM!!" And then the WHITE SUBTANCE comes out in a line and she starts MOANING and she can feel the white substance inside of her.
2. (For Anyone) To Put Your Hand Out in public, and stab someone with your hands through the heart while you're saying it, say "CHIDORI STREAM!" and you watch as the blood leaks down the persons chest.
3. (For The Anime Lovers Out There) To sell your soul to the Devil and Ask For Blue Lightning from Avatar The Last Airbender (Which was used by Azula) and do random-ass handsigns and yell "CHIDORI STREAM!!!" and use your finger to point it like Frieza's Death beam. After that, it should Shoot through someones Body Parts. It can be anywhere in the body.
1. My Girl Told me to CUM inside her, so I yelled "CHIDORI STREAM!!" and it came out like I was taking a piss.
2. I saw a man walking down the street so I used my Naruto Handsigns and Yelled "CHIDORI STREAM!!!" at him and that's why I'm in prison.
3. I sold my soul to the Devil and then then I did random-ass Handsigns and I yelled "CHIDORI STREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and I killed a man Right through the Chest
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When you get your shaven pubes and semen and mix them together then smash it in your spouses or girlfriends face
your fucking and then when u pull out nut into your hand go to the bathroom get a ball of your shaven pubes off the ground(the ones you shaved before sex) and come running out the bathroom yelling CHIDORI and SMASH the mixture in her face and that’s the chidori
by Bootyblaster9000 March 9, 2021
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