A glass pipe with a spherical burner used to smoke crystal methamphetamine.
That meth whore Tina stayed up all night again smoking and poking on that chicken bone.
by Miztina December 15, 2018
The act of making an enemy hit a cuccoo and dies of a result.
I'm currently chicken boning a bokoblin.
by somerandomguy946 December 15, 2018
a drug native to Belize that is similar to marijuana, but whose side effects include inexplicable urges to watch WWE while spidermanning hoes.
Earl spent the night in the conference room smoking a chicken bone, performing nasty deeds with his lady friend.
by Billy Williamson January 12, 2008
The hollowed out thigh bone of the chicken. Used in the early 20th century in the southern U.S. for smoking the roach of a marijuana cigarette.
I learned this from an old San Francisco Jazz Disk Jockey back in the 60's.
Put that roach in the chicken bone and smoke it bro....
by Smoky2 April 29, 2008
The act of stealing everything in certain area (like eating all the meat off a bone) usally preformed by a nigger.
Hey Bill what happened to your Autoshop it's empty!
Bill: I got chicken boned
by Chuck finelay April 18, 2016
When a person jams or shoves a chicken leg in another persons asshole intill all or most of the meat has been removed. Rapid rotating strokes are recommended for maximum performance. (Gravy is a excellent lubricant.)
Ever since I chicken boned Brittany she puckers and twitches when we drive past Popeyes.
by Ryan ,Jason & Dan April 12, 2007
Chicken boning is the act of dumping the bones leftover from chicken wings onto someones (friends, neighbors, enemies, strangers) doorstep, and then leaving them there to be discovered in the future.

This prank originated in the North Chicago suburbs.
Person 1: Yo, don't throw the bones away after you're done with your chicken wings.
Person 2: Wtf, why?
Person 1: We're saving them because we're chicken boning someones house after we're done.
by lemonhead2k March 13, 2017