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The sexual part located in the pubic region of a person with no penis or vagina, and is the main ingredient in the popular meat product known as the Slim Jim. It is a flap of skin that appears to be an external, dry vagina. The Skingina has been found to be completely useless in the human body so has been cut off of its wearers and used by the makers of Slim Jims.
Guy 1: What is this shit in my Slim Jim?
Guy 2: Oh that? That's just a piece of Skingina.

All of the Jonas Brothers have skinginas.
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 27, 2009
An person, place, or thing, that is so repulsive and unattractive, that it results in an immediate and complete loss of a boner upon visual perception. In extreme cases it is impossible to get quality wood ever again in the victims future.
KayLeigh is an extreme Bonershrinker.

Dude, don't look at that damn Bonershrinker, or your space needle will become a space noodle.
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 25, 2009
A food product McDonald's tries to pass off as "100% White Chicken Meat", but in fact should be thought of as "100% Chicken" This is because the process of making a McNugget is as follows:
McDonald's first finds themselves a live chicken.
They then crush said chicken until all of the parts of the chicken mix completely to form one consistent substance closely resembling rubber.
After this is done, McDonald's forms this substance into a nugget shape and deep fries it; thus giving the world Chicken McNuggets.

So, as shown above, the term, "100% Chicken" is fitting; since Chicken McNuggets are in fact composed of 100% Chicken--feathers and everything.
Chicken McNuggets are responsible for 75% of the worlds fat people.
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 27, 2009
A popular meat product composed almost entirely of detached Skinginas. Slim Jims also contain traces of horse semen, elephant clitoris (along with other forms of genitalia), and old-people piss.
Guy 1: What is this shit in my Slim Jim?
Guy 2: Oh that? That's just a piece of Skingina.
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 27, 2009
The worst quality of something, supposedly food, available on the face of the Earth. Some of the foods in this classification include twat-waffles and cum-cakes. If it were legal the school would literally serve its students rat piss and donkey shit every day.
New Kid: Want to head up early to catch some School Breakfast?
New Kid's Neighbor: Fuck no, that shit'll kill you.
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 26, 2009
Many males believe women are for one thing: Something to make their penises hard. Other males may think women have a few more than this one commonly perceived use. Such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.
But these people who believe these are the sole reasons women were put on the Earth should be shot in the face.
Guy 1: My penis gets hard whenever I look at a Woman.
Guy 2: Yeah, mine too.
Girl 1: Shame on you! Pervert!
Guy 2: Wtf why are you out of the kitchen?
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 25, 2009