Chicharrón is a piece of meat extracted from pork from the same sector where bacon is extracted and used in the 'bandeja paisa' (colombian food)
American: hey, let's eat bandeja paisa with chicharron!
Colombian: bro, of course!
by Anye8 April 12, 2018
A slang term replacing curse words in a public setting. Used by the Tik Tok influencer Cali4niadayz.
Dan: So I just won a million dollars!

Kevin: Chicharron!
by Kritical with a K November 4, 2019
Fried pork dermis :p. Though this treat can be deadly its delightfully delicious when complimented with lime and salt.
"hey why did the dog die?"

" oh, its capillaries, veins and aorta got clogged up because of all the left over Chicharones it ate".
by Telis March 12, 2005
1) Plural for chicharron.
2) Spanish (Colombian) term used to describe messy problems.
3) Spanish for Cracklings (British).
2: We have had so many chicharrones at the office this week that we're so fucked up.

3: I've been eating chicharrones this summer and my cholesterol went above 300
by EdwinF June 2, 2007
1. fried pork rinds, popular in SoMex cuisine.
2. The geographic region encompassed by Texas, Oklahoma, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. It is bordered by SoMex on the West and Chitlins on the East
That country-ass hick? He's from Chicharrones, can't you hear that Tex-Mex twang?
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 4, 2003
When a girl starts rubbing her toes between your taint down to the cornhole, pokes a toe in and strokes her toe back across your taint.
I was hanging out with Kathleen last night and she gave me a spicy chicharrone with her big toe!
by MM1057 March 30, 2020