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Fried pork dermis :p. Though this treat can be deadly its delightfully delicious when complimented with lime and salt.
"hey why did the dog die?"

" oh, its capillaries, veins and aorta got clogged up because of all the left over Chicharones it ate".
by Telis March 11, 2005
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Small town in the outskirts of a northern state in Mexico. Name derives from a northern Indian tribe named Hualahuises. Population fluctuates due to constant re-locating on behalf of its inhabitants to the states.The town was probably founded by perhaps 10-15 goodlooking people back in the 1800s being this the explanation to why EVERYONE thats decent looking in the town is somehow related, the lesser physically attractive likely infested the Hualahuisian gene pool in the early 1900s making some of the inhabitants less attractive(these latter residents likely immigrated from a tacky state like Michoacan or Durango). The small town is well known for having many stuck up people who think that having something worth a few hundred dollars makes them important. Fashion is key and the wealthiest(usually related to the governor of the small town at the time) and GAYest kids will always have A&F on(though they know nothing about TRUE fashion where is my Versace and D&G!!!). The town has a couple of prominant(wealthy) families the most prominant seems to be the most hated,though I dont see the point of hating them being all the members of said family are either and or fat/dark/short. The town is based agriculturaly, the main harvest being the mandarin and orange. The diet consists of rice and lentils, usually accompanied by a serving of either beef pork or chicken. In the winter time REAL tamales are prominant. The nastiest component of the Hualahuisian diet is likely Hoquoke which is usually made by a woman in her late 60s - mid 70s through the process of letting unhomogonized milk in a jar sit in the sun for a few hours in the middle of July. A tastier treat would be Queso fresco which is made by a woman in her early 40s- mid 50s through a long process involving goat intestine. Hualahuises is known for its music, the most recognized being a Huapango, In which men gather round eachother and dance in a homoerotic fashion. Currently there are no reported cases of HIV in Hualahuises, but being many Mexican American teenage(13-18) girls(whose parents are originally from Hualahuises) visit hualahuises in the winter time, do expect this to change. Only 3 reported/confirmed non heterosexual in the small town though speculaton runs avidly about some of the "upper class" young men in Hualahuises who look act and dress totaly GAY. Weather Is either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter but just right in the spring and fall which is unfortunate for many students in school. Touristically Hualahuises has alot to offer a beutifull river plenty of snack stores and abundant in bars. Down the road from Hualahuises is a lovely settlement where few laws apply(if you know what I mean) but dont get too exited, the girls are either too fat ar not cute at all with NO ass. Many Hualahuisians have left to the states, Much of the flock of immigration occured during the late 70s early 80s. This giving Hualahuises an "out of land" generation despersed throughout the United states(concentrated in Texas,California and Georgia).
Hey Are you going to Hualahuises this summer?
no last time I went I found out I was sleeping with my second cousin......
by Telis February 28, 2005
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"I cant wait to get to school today, we get Tuna for breakfats and lunch."
by Telis February 20, 2005
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