A large monster that can swallow up any tourist to empty their pocket books. An amazingly simple city to get around in. Tagger Heaven. Home of the White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls and the Cubs. A place where hipsters gather on North Avenue and the hood isn't distinguished from block to block. Good place to live. People from Illinois that are from Chicago, say they're from Chicago FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Also has a distinct accent and lingo.
Tim: "Dude where are you from?"
Amy: "Chicago."
Tim: "You mean Illinois?"
Amy: "NO. I mean CHICAGO."
by Chitowncat December 04, 2010
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an 80s band that played both heart wrenching break-up songs and songs that almost guarantee sex. ex we can last forever and stay the night.
girl to friend's : I didn't want to at first but then he played some chicago and and I could not controll myself.
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A pretty cool city. Better than the shithole(New York). A lot like another great city, Boston(which is the best in my opinion). Also, people from there aren't all arrogant assholes like New Yorker's are.
by AflacJack August 13, 2003
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How an Assyrian Boater pronounces Chicago; a female in Chicago on the go
hi im new to chic-a-go. lookit at the chic-a-go
by Tena Love Less Zaia January 03, 2012
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A) The metropolitan capital of the state of Illonois. Known also as the "Windy City." Chicago is the third-largest city in the U.S., and the largest inland city in the country.

B) A game played while smoking the sacred herb whereby an individual who is smoking holds in his hit until the joint/blunt/pipe/bub/bong has been passed all the way around the circle and back to said individual. Then, and only then, can he exhale his hit and take another.
A) Chicago is a pretty cool city, you should check it out.
B) Dude, let's play chicago with that joint and get lifted outta our skulls!
by IAmHydrogen August 10, 2005
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to be from chicago you have to be hard and watch your back. if ur a pussy ass bich go to new york and go watch a play. we have higher crime rate because the gangstas here dont take shit from anyone. its not like new york where you shoot one of there gangstas and ur like im sorry will you forgive me. and they are like ok but please dont let it happen again. u get ur ass beat for stuff u do here. yea our police force is the best in the world. they corrupt and shit but thats funny as hell. who wouldnt be corrupt if u have to deal with some people there. yo, 2 words Al Capone. 1.chicago 2.boston 3.La 4. albany.....880.new york-that is the city rankings.
Jesus- um God, what city did u hand create and is the best city in the world and is 8348567485 times better than new york?
God-why thats not even a question, I created chicago myself and is the best city in the world. Satan made new york
by chicago9999 December 22, 2005
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Amazing world class city! Friendly dense urban center known as the Windy City, located in the American Midwest on the Great Lakes.

City that raised from the ashes (was totally destroyed in a great fire), and in testament of will/ability of mankind, Chicago was rebuilt, better taller wider and prouder, welcoming all opportunity to make self/community... Including world's first skyscrapers, first feats of pure brick, to innovative steel frames that have led to the boom of beautiful skyscrapers of great cities all around world!

Chicago's a busy hustling but friendly city with something for everyone! Good business/work opportunity (many fortune 500), relatively affordable cost of living, diverse restaurants, clubs/nightlife, family friendly parks/museums (Navy Pier, parks all along lake front), concerts (Lollapalooza, House of Blues, largest free music festival), Shopping (magnificent mile/Woodsfield mall), Sports lover's paradise (Cubs/Sox, Da Bears!, Bulls, Blackhawks etc)… Many diverse communities, from suburban to urban, all identify as "Chicago'ins"! There's many amazing cities, but no place quite like good old Chicago!
come on, baby don't cha wanna go, Back ta that same ol' place… sweet home Chicago!
by rext86 November 29, 2010
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