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Basically the white version of Popeyes and KFC. If you are gay, you better stay away because you may not come out alive. The workers almost seem too nice, and are also forced say “my pleasure” to every single customer. If they are caught saying “you’re welcome” then they are instantly forced to go to church and become a born again christian.
Steve: “Hey bro, you work at Chic fil a right?”

Jonah: “Yes”

Steve: “Alright cool, can you come help me Sunday to help me move some things at my house?

Jonah: “No I’m sorry, my manager is making us go to church to pray the gay away. He said that they are all the devil”

Steve: “Damn bro, well thanks anyway”

Jonah: “My pleasure”
by Rhody Boy August 30, 2019
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by duenna9 October 12, 2009
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chicfil-n. A clandestine meeting between two republicans pretending to be heterosexual. Said republicans assfuck the santorum out of one another in a dark place. Due to the fact the room is dark, not unlike a closet, it allows the hypocritical douche bags to continue pretending they are heterosexual.
Governor Huckabee was hoping for chicfil-a, but no one else from his bible group was availible.
by Not Huckabee August 08, 2012
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