The coolest word ever that should be used by everyone all of the time. A very awesome way of saying hello or obviously. Can also be substituted for an everyday word. It is especially good in replacing words in famous movie quotes.
Cheyyy over there!
What chey doing?
Oh nothing, just cheying out.
That is so chey.

"I'm a mouse, chey" -Mean Girls
by Kathdech October 27, 2011
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an amazing angel, has the world in the palm of her hand, does anything to please the ones around her, can melt the heart of the one that loves her with just the sight of her smile, so beautiful every guy wants her, the deffinition of perfection in everything she does, she is without fault, takes responsability for everything even when its not her fault, an amazing brown/blonde haired blue eyed beauty, the biggest bluest eyes when shes happy and fiery when mad, you cant help but love her and will fight as hard as you can to be with her, if you ever love her you will always run back to her no matter why you broke up, you will change every part of you to please her, will sit on the phone all night when shes sick cause you will worry so much, love the way she puts you on top of the world, will make you the most jelous man cause you cant stand the thought of losing her, you will fight you mom just to see her for a few hours, she will be what you want for the rest of your life, you will hang on every word she says cause you can see the trust in her eyes, and it will kill you to lie to her but you will change and never do it again, you will text her every morning, and drop your best friend cause she dosent trust her, and you will never let a cheyanne go if you get the chance to love one
dam that chicks so fine she must be a Cheyanne!
by peaceandonelove93 December 13, 2010
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There are many levels of getting high (usually when referring to marijuanna). The order of severity varies sometimes from culture to culture but for the most part the order is as follows:
1) high - you're hungry
2) ripped - you're laughing and hungry
3) stoned/ baked - EVERYTHING around you is analyzed for a deeper meaning
4) chill - so high that you're like the above the influence commercials (perhaps turning into a cocoon)
5) Chey - so chill you can't even pronounce 'chill' and just stutter out 'Chey' (this is based on the origin of the word from Syracuse, NY)
"Man...I'm so chey"..."I've had a messed up day, let's just get Chey"..."I got $40 to Chey with"
by BvilleKOKid July 14, 2009
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A Chey is an extremely pretty, funny, and smart girl. Chey is one of the best people in the world, and they're extremely nice and caring. Chey would be that one person that you can always count on & would always make your day. The one that loves Jbiebz & isn't afraid to admit it. The one that everyone loves to death. (NO ARGUING HERE.) The one that's always there for you & knows exactly what would make you feel better. I could probably trust a Chey with my life. To be honest, I know I could!!!
Chey: awww thanks baby
by rarararazz November 04, 2011
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Someone who goes through online relationships rapidly; An internet whore

Home girl went full chey she online dated 10 people the last 2 weeks.
Man I can’t belive you pulled a Chey
by KierraRose December 27, 2017
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Usually used at the start of a sentence after asking a question, expressing the lost of interest/Realization.
by deelacksalife July 17, 2010
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Chey is a very good kisser. When she finds the one she wants she will keep him and won’t let go! She is a hoe type of chick but good in bed! She doesn’t give up on dreams but she has a bitch side to her! Guys like Ryan will usually fall for her but she is in love with them! She has a great ass and when men see her they know and they start to get a boner if you know what I mean! She is a beautiful girl with dark blonde hair fading to light blonde hair and she has hazel/brown eyes. She always accomplished her dreams and most likely to loose her virginity at age 18! Oops sorry for that! XD!!! She has a great body and a nice ass and it is hard not to say she isn’t hot or if you don’t like her! People named Caleb or Logan like her but don’t admit it!!!
Guy 1: “Damn Chey’s ass looks big in dem jeans bro”
Guy 2: “ yeah I know bro I like her but I don’t wanna ask her out, she might say no”

Guy 1: “ I will get that ass before you”

Guy 2: “ BET, I’ll jump off of a bridge for Chey”

Guy 1: “Ok I wouldn’t do that, you win”

Guy 2: “Yesssss”
by Puppyluvs November 12, 2018
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