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The coolest town ever in DC/Maryland near Bethesda which is also the best town ever! It has Georgetown Cupcake and the apple store and Louis Vuitton and Coach and Jimmy Choo and lots of nice restaurants! The only downside is that to have fun in chevy chase or bethesda when ur a kid.....you need to bring like 100 bux every time
Non-Chevy Chaser: Hey, where do you live?
Chevy-Chaser: I live in Chevy Chase!
Non-Chevy Chaser: damn, I wish I lived there
Chevy Chaser: Its ok you can stay at my 6th house in Potomac!
Non-Chevy Chaser: I'd rather not.
Bethesdar: hey chevy chaser wanna come to Beni Hana tonight with my dad in his Lamborghini?
by dmann56 November 18, 2010
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