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Of Dominican origin, from the combination of 'CHEVERE' (kind of old spanish word which means 'cool' used throughout Latin America) and 'JEVI' (mainly Dominican word which also means 'cool', but in a more youthful way), resulting in a new word which means 'cool' aswell, but in a trippier, more-than-jevi sense.

The 'E' es usualy elongated, to emphasize just how 'CHEVI' something is Cheeevi

*(Note: In no way related to Chevrolet cars, but pronounced just like 'Chevy')
Gina- Hey, ΒΏsoporta cool activity here, loko?
Pakoh- Chevi or CHEEEVI!

Gina- Hey, ΒΏfeel like cool activity here, dude?
Pakoh- Chevi or CHEEEVI!
by pakoh September 03, 2005
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