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A upscale neighborhood in Philadelphia. Really an extention of the Main Line, but everyone there thinks they are better, because unlike the Main Line, Chestnut Hill has a large liberal population. It is an area filled with money, but subtly. There are a lot of hidden, huge, well manicured homes. All the kids go to CHA, Springside, Germantown Friends School and a few other well know private school in the area. Look out for the police who are constantly trying to break up parties with out doing anything to the kids and their fancy cars. Preppy is in style. If you have a car and are a teenager, the Wawa parkinglot is the place to be seen pre party on friday and saturday night, especially since the main road, Germantown Ave. is dead by 10.
person: oh you're from Philadelphia?
chestnut hill person: sort of, if you call Chestnut Hill the city.
by anonymous March 07, 2005
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Part of Philly with shops that close no later than 10:00 every night, except for Borders, which stays open until 1:00 AM for Harry Potter releases. The Springsiders, CHAers, and GAers hang around there like they live in a small town instead of a big city. Also known as "the Hill."
SSer: Hey, do you wanna go to the Hill after school?
CHAer: Sure. There's nothing else to do in Philadelphia.
by TF March 17, 2005
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Coolest town in Massachusetts! Where the rich white people live. Coolest place to live, best peeps to meet. Everyone loves this place. Style is made here
This is the real place to live; the coolest town around. The one and only Chestnut HILL
by draconia June 14, 2006
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