1.a person (usually a guy or a nerd) who is a loner
2. a kid at school who doesnt have any friends to sit with during lunch breaks.
That's Sherman, the chestered guy in this school
by whatsername_bennoda October 02, 2005
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Just another way to describe a situation as being messed up. Not commonly used for people, but rather things.
In a restaraunt:

This soup tastes CHESTERED; I think the cook put too much salt in it.
by Willis August 07, 2003
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the action, of someone containing great quanities of doushebaggery, screwing someone over for means equally doushy as the person its self.
I have been chestered out of a relationship.
by LadyFriend02 October 18, 2011
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to be screwed over by a roommate's irresponsibility, suffering consequences such as eviction or lawsuits.
He lost track of his finances and I got chestered.; I didn't have anything to do with it, they totally chestered me!
by lather December 01, 2010
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Getting banning or kicked out of a place because u are not liked by a person.
Damn son i cant believe i got chestered from school for fighting with the teacher, she a (jaba the slut)
by Jsmoot0127 November 07, 2007
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verb - when the "Chester the Molester" strange janitor comes in and hangs around pretending to clean the men's room while you are in the middle of using it - making you feel like he is getting pleasure from being in the presence of men using the facilities.
Man 1: Dude, I just got totally chestered - I am creeped out.
Man 2: What?
Man 1: That weird janitor guy came in the john while I was using it - and just stood there smiling at me while I finished.
Man 2: If I ever see him in there, I make a u turn and run to another.
Man 1: I think I need counseling after that.
by SildogintheNatti February 10, 2010
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