Whenever Cheska walks into a room, people stare in awe. She makes you feel like you can do anything. She makes you feel so loved by remembering the little things. She'll always be there for you, especially when you least expect it. She makes you love life, and want to live, not just survive. You can't stop smiling whenever she's around because the world seems to make sense around her.
Do you know where Cheska lives?
Yeah, inside of my heart. <3
by love, A<3 June 11, 2021
Cheska is a fun loving friend who will always stick by your side. They’re usually very funny, and very bold as they are not afraid to argue for what they believe is right. They tend to have low self esteem at times but will never let that stop them from being an amazing and trustworthy friend. Keep in mind they’re also a little blunt at times.
She’s so bold, she must be a Cheska!
by MiaIsARat August 11, 2018
Cheska is a person you WANNA vibe with shes probably the most trust worthy friend you can have. Cheska is most likely Filipino cheska also makes tiktok dances ALL THE TIME and she probably had a really nice toothbrush that she never uses
Cheska the life of the party!
by HoldenMcock April 19, 2020
She is witty, extremely loud, jolly and loyal person. She can be very clingy at times when she becomes fond of you. Really gifted but are too lazy to show them. Such scaredy-cats when it comes to scary things. May be old of age but mentally young. Confident at times but usually underestimating themselves. Super adventurous, sporty, thrill seeker and can't stay still for a long time. Has a certain warm vibe that draws everyone. Talks and laughs strangely a lot, like a lot lot which may be very contagious. Is a bookworm but hides it. Hopeless romantic. She have a knack of pissing people, pushing their buttons. Has two sides: gentle, smiley, warm and kind; rude, prideful, brutal and cold, depends on how she's treated. One beautifully handsome girl. You're really both lucky and unlucky when you get to know her.
I have a friend named Cheska.
by Your Anonymous Someone August 15, 2021
A smart and beautiful girl! She's the definition of perfect. She is talented, gorgeous and a fun person to hang out with. People love her. She would probably be in shelters and orphanages to help.
Your girl, Amelia is such a cheska! She's perfect
by introvertedlyme August 16, 2021
Cheska is the type of person who has many problems at once but will resort to playing video games, either PC or mobile. Their appearance are their top priority and is never actually that kind unless necessary. She's pretty, relatable, and often kind
You think she'd be a Cheska type of personality?

Person 1: This girl I met radiated the best energy I've ever felt, like pretty, relatable, etc.
Person 2: They are 100% a Cheska.
by uminz November 25, 2021
an amazing, hilarious, cute, sexy, nice, gentle and fun loving girl. you would be lucky to know her. she is an incredible lover and very devoted/faithful.
damn, she is such a cheska.

i wanna go for her, she's a cheska

Person 1: crystal is such a fun/amazing girl.
Person 2: maybe cause she's a cheska.
by Miguel Lee July 2, 2012