Its not a color. It is a fruit
Temple U students: "T for Temple U. U for Temple T! Fight fight fight for the cherry and the white."
World: "Wrong. Cherry's not a color. Cherry is a fruit."
by D14forlife January 27, 2013
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Top Definition
a widely used, somewhat impolite, slang term for a woman's hymen, a piece of skin which covers the opening of the vagina and, contrary to popular belief, can be broken in any number of ways including sexual intercourse, tampon use, and vigorous exercise. It's presence, or lack thereof, was at one time used to prove or disprove a woman's virginity, but we now know that this is an archaic idea, as it can be broken in several ways, and many women are in fact born without one.
Idiot: "Dude, that bitch told me she was a virgin, but she didn't bleed when I did her last night. Somebody else must have got to her cherry first."
Less-of-an-Idiot: "Um, maybe she just uses tampons or something."
Idiot: "Oh..."
by Philomel July 14, 2004
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A damn fruit, man! Get your head out of the gutter.
Pass me that cherry, I love them.
by WildFeathers October 23, 2009
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A membrane in a woman's vagina, known more properly as a hymen. And unlike most jackasses on this site think, it's not necessarily broken in sex. It can be broken by a tampon, by fingering, or anything else that gets inside there.
I popped my girlfriend's cherry while I fingered her.
by GuitarBurst05 June 27, 2004
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(a) Piece of skin in a girl's vagina which is broken or "popped" when she loses her virginity
(b) Red hot ash at the end of a cigarette
(c) When the bowl is keeping itself lit (marijuan), you no longer have to light it
(d) When something is nice, looks new
(a) I popped her cherry, it was ill
(b) Knock the cherry off that cig before you throw it in the brush
(c) It's cherry, just hit it and pass
(d) That car's cherry
by ..werd.. August 10, 2003
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1. n: a small red fruit with a hard pit that grows on trees. There are red and black varietes. Also, the tree or wood of said tree.

2. n. (vulgar): The hymen. The expression "popping her cherry" means deflowering a woman.
1) Spit out the pit when you eat a cherry

2) (See definition; no need to repeat that)
by Cojones August 11, 2003
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When something is in near perfect condition mint
Dave's 66 corvette is cherry
by Merkin March 21, 2005
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Pert and pokey nipples that stand proud like cherries.
Did you see those cherries poking wild through her t shirt? She nearly took my eyes out.
by littlemissperky April 29, 2008
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