Cherish is one of the cutest people ever she’s funny, Outrageous and curious often is a brownskin who’s good in bed and is wifeyyy material and is very tall and is fit to be a model
by A Black Girl Called Cherish August 07, 2019
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a beautiful & happy woman. one that loves deeply, a strong woman with a lot of friends. sexy with great legs. likes to have fun, does what she wants and doesn't what people think about it. loves life, friends & family. a loyal friend that you can count on to be there.
Cherish is awesome!
by Aley51102 February 03, 2010
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Cherish is a word that we use to describe all the feelings by our inside!
I cherish you!
by DQX March 31, 2009
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A girl who usually blonde, brainy and beautiful! She's marriage material and good in bed, a great cook and has a lot of balls, any man would be retarded to let her go. Everyone should spoil her, buy her things and treat her like God because lets be honest she's fucking awesome!
Person 1: What you doing tonight?
Person 2: Cherish
Person 1 kills Person 2 with jealousy.
by Blondeyyy October 15, 2013
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loyal friend; hawtt , usually an Aries; has great legs, gets the guy and has a fun personality; does what she wants; has fun, loves friends and family; great at whatever she puts her mind to; believes in everyone; has major sass , looks gorgeous with or without makeup; loves makeup
Cherish is amazing!!! <3
by HiBich ;)) November 20, 2017
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A very pretty girl❤️ She’s nice and caring but when it comes to someone being rude to her everything nice about the person turns bad! Try to not be on her bad side or else you’ll never get out:/
Cherish is sooo pretty!!!!
by YO MOMMA LIKES ME December 30, 2019
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