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big breasts, banging body, tanned, normally blonde or brunette and treats them mean. Is never the girl who shows shes hurt and plays those who play her, is like a boy in a hot hot body. she will always be worth the headaches she causes. is always being tuned and asked out.
by blah blah blondie June 09, 2011
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A combination of Scene + Chav. Scene kids who have the attitude of a chav and they actually belive they are scene when they just be mean and take the piss out of others for nothing.
Chene: Look at those emos there fucking bastards
Scene: They havent done anything too yoo
Chene: So they are still bastards
by Dorkus* November 01, 2006
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when you run out of giving examples you just say chenes chenes. its a gay lingo.
boy1: hey! have you ever loved a guy before?
gay1: you know chenes chenes
by emily123 October 19, 2007
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Chene is a scene kid who has the attitude of a chav but think's he/she is a scene kid anyways. the Chene Kids are usually insicure and lonely people and so they want to make everyone else feel miserable to make themselves feel better.
Chene Boy : God Mel Is Such A Chemo.
Chene Girl : Haha Your Right Let's Make Fun Of Her
Chene Boy : And You Can Beat Her Up
Chene Girl : Yerr Okay. After That Let's Go Drink Some Vodka
by PixxieThing November 02, 2006
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philipina transgender slang for anything

a filler word

(noun) for any person or groups of persons
"what is all this chenes?"

"Hey Chenes John! How's Chenes Mary doing?"

"Where are all my Chenes at?!"

"I love chenes!"
by chenes4life January 07, 2010
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