The Royal Latin year 10 GCSE pe's groups national anthem, created by sheyi, celebrating the glorious CHEMO
CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMOO, CHEMO, stevestevestevestevestevestevestevesteve, CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMO, WHO DO WE HATE, TOTTENHAM, WHY DO WE HATE THEM, COZ THEY'RE SHIT, we hate Tottenham, we hate Tottenham, we hate Tottenham, we hate Tottenham.
(OPTIONAL EXTRA) WHO DO WE HATE, SHEYI, WHY DO WE HATE HIM, COZ HE'S BLACK, we hate shey-i, we hate shey-i, we hate shey-i, we hate shey-i.
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A chemo is somebody who is a combination between a chav and an emo. They are as bad as both, in "fashion" sence and in their behaviour.
A chemo, scum of the earth of course. Worse than both an emo and chav, they're the worst of the worst.
Chav, emo, chemo
by BT Nexus April 21, 2006
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Chavs that have followed the trend of recent times and have metamorphed into emos. Part of this being attending communal self-harm sessions, and hating life.... but still wearing Burberry for Girls Perfume/carrying a crowbar.

So Chavvy Emos. Who would have thought these two worlds could collide?
- Have you ever seen this person? They dress eclectically, have Fallout Boy and Sean Paul on the same playlist, and cannot decide whether they want to harm others or harm themselves.
If a teacher shouts at them they are unsure whether to go home and cry black tears, or take out their flick-blade and get themselves two years in juvy.
by Clarch September 19, 2006
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Pronounced: Chee-Moe; From the words: Chav and Emo

A contradictory soul who tries to be emo, but can't deny his chav roots. Or vice versa.

"That guy's wearing Burberry Converse"
"What a chemo"
by Meaner With The Scenery January 15, 2007
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A Chav thats listens and sometimes acts like a Emo
Chemo: Ill twat you lad
Person 2: Eh, you startin?
Chemo: *crys and slits wrists* (insert emo poetry)
by Pyrotechnicx August 20, 2006
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A Chemo is a mix of the classic hybrid stereotypes, Chav and Emo.

It was once believed that chemo's dress in lonsdale hoodies and tracksuit attire and listen to bands such as 'falloutboy' and 'mychemicalromance', this may still be true in some parts however in most this is not the case.
Your classic East London Chemo wears Skinny jeans from Topman, Primark or Blue Inc, a band/topman shirt or maybe a vest, flatcap /beanies and nike dunks/ plimsoles.

Their music tasted generally involve bands such as Bring me the horizon, pendulum, Flowers for her grave and alternatively rappers, DMX and Devlin for example.

They spend their time bunning weed off eachother, smoking cigarettes and have, over the years, adopted the chav lingo.
Some of the older species may have stretched ears and tattoo's, this seems to be building a common trend.

Their hair still remains in the common fashion, a long layered fringe, typically in black or brown, however some have been known to shave the side opposing the fringe for added 'lulz.'
Charlie: Mate, can i bun a spliff off you?
Jay: Dunknoee.
Ryan: Sick vest man, drop dead own.
Charlie: DUNKNOE.
Georgia: Man, i dunknoe about that shaved part, you look like a dutty chemo.
by shikamaru-x-nara January 10, 2011
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A chav emo or as chemo as they are called are enter shikari wanabes. they wear trackie bottoms with a band t-shirt and chav cap.
oh no theres a chemo kicking the shit outa someone and crying at the same time
by chemokid September 22, 2007
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