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Chavs that have followed the trend of recent times and have metamorphed into emos. Part of this being attending communal self-harm sessions, and hating life.... but still wearing Burberry for Girls Perfume/carrying a crowbar.

So Chavvy Emos. Who would have thought these two worlds could collide?
- Have you ever seen this person? They dress eclectically, have Fallout Boy and Sean Paul on the same playlist, and cannot decide whether they want to harm others or harm themselves.
If a teacher shouts at them they are unsure whether to go home and cry black tears, or take out their flick-blade and get themselves two years in juvy.
by Clarch September 19, 2006

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A spoof version of words such as 'phat', 'wicked,' etc, and other words that temporarily express the 'coolness' of a given situation, object or person.

Can be used imaginatively, ie super-cool is FULL-FAT MILK M8 and something not not so good is SKIMMED, said with a shake of the head.
- When your llama has quadruplets then you may say 'propa full-fat milk yea m8!!!!'
- Having watched Free Willy, you may say 'well, on the whole, I'd say semi-skimmed.'
- On your soggy biscuit dropping into your tea, the phrase 'dang! my biscuit just fell into my tea. That is skimmed', would be appropriate.
- When someone manages to ride a skateboard and cook a full-english breakfast at the same time, you may express 'ahh you iz so full-fat you iz cream bruv!'
by Clarch September 19, 2006

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