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Originating from a Chinese expression, this displays scorn, realisation, or a mocking behaviour etc

..Does NOT come from bleh and cheese =p
1) A: Hah! I'm so smart! I got 85% for my maths exam!
B: Cheh! I got 95%!

B: *excitement goes down* cheh. I thought you meant blueberry..

3) A: *falls over*
B: cheehh. you're so stupid.
by eden March 18, 2005
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the last word uttered by a korean man/woman on his deathbed
*little korean boy goes ot his halmonis bed and hears her last words..* "CHEH"
by CLUTCH_M4ST4 July 12, 2008
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expressing agreement or realization; can be substituted for the word really in an interrogative statement
"That movie was awesome."

"I won the water drinking contest!"
by Nesserz July 02, 2006
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A cross between bleh and cheese, meaning that whoever you are talking to is boring.
Boring person: "Blah blah blaaaaaah"
Other: "Cheh, you should shut up."
by Emily December 12, 2003
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