not an animal!!!
it's a really fast car that was in GTA 1-5. I have all of them and they are all awesome (except for 1,2, and London) and also, in GTA San Andreas, you can mod out the cheetah... just to let you know (buy the game now!!! on ebay or something)
Person 1:Whoa, did you see that Cheetah!?!?!
Person 2:That's not a Cheetah, it's a Perrenial, noob.
by Baby Dave November 18, 2004
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An individual that has a significant other but is on the “hunt” for the affections of someone else for the evening.Cheetah's can frequently be seen in clubs stalking their prey.The cheetah can be disguised as a cougar, puma or other like animal but the difference is that the cheetah is presently engaged in a relationship. Many people have fallen prey to a cheetah through this disguise only to suffer adversely later to the cheetah’s mate.
The term can be applied to both males and females.
I thought she was a cougar, but I found out she was a cheetah when her husband walkin in on us
by ninsmitty November 30, 2007
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a hot married woman that is in her thirty's and forty's that is going through midlife crisis and wished she was a puma or a cougar. She has all the same quailities as a puma or a cougar except she can't have a young guy because she is married.
a hot married woman that if single would be a puma or a cougar thus she is termed a cheetah.
by numero uno cheetah January 12, 2010
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Some nights we brown out, some nights we black out, but many nights we brown out with spots of black, just like a cheetah. So we cheetah out.

Also can be said as cheetahed out,
I am definitely not blacked out, or sober, I am totally cheetahing (cheetahed out) right now!
by TheQueenCheetah December 29, 2011
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A cheetah is a teacher who is fierce. Cheetahs are brave and creative and don’t ever step in the way of a cheetah because they will fight back. Cheetahs are members of the group cheetahs girls they all wear cheetah pint maybe not daily but are vey bussin. Cheetahs always unite cheetahs will scratch but not bite. The cheetah girls favorite song is by the spice girls called wannabe. Cheetahs are proud to be one of the girls even if they don’t now it. They will eat apples and bananas there fav item is a cheetah print mask.
by Obomamama May 27, 2021
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The MOST terrifying beast of all - much more so than the cougar monkey
If the heavens ever unleash the Cheetah-Broosie, we'll know the end is near.
by Andy Bond April 28, 2008
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A person who lies about most everything they say, but not only are they a habitual Liar, but also a habitual Cheater.... Yes, they even Lie about Cheating. A well seasoned Lion-Cheetah trusts no one, including themself!
Tiger may be a Cheetah in reality, but Shon is a Lion-Cheetah. He is King of the Jungle!
by Candlezona April 19, 2011
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