That really cool cheetah in the Cheetos commercials. He's dangerously cheesy.
by trevor? March 25, 2008
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A group of adolescent teenage African boys originating from Maryland. They only recruit before October 10th each year but few are accepted.
It's an EXCLUSIVE group that carries so much swag from Vans to vintage sweaters to thrift store underwear.
In their free time they go to the Town Center, look at titties, get their wombos sucked, and kill goats to eat for dinner.
The females of this group are called "Cheetah Girls" but as of today, no females are in it.
Common words used among this group are "heem", "swag", "smang", and "swank".
Akata: Aye man can I join Cheetah Gang?
CG Member: My friend! Are you daft?! FOOL, GERROUT OF MY SIGHT.

Woman: Heyyyy, um *twirls hair, bites lip* can I join Cheetah Gang?
CG Member: Show me dem titties first! SIKE, WE ARE AN ALL SAUSAGE GROUP, YOU AIN'T BOUDDA GET IT. But still show me yo titties tho.
by ZooKeeperCheetahz October 23, 2011
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Male Cheetah: I love the devil wear's prada!

Non cheetah male, ie: straight: I don't
by JHUcty2009sessionONE September 8, 2009
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A mystical creature known to reside primarily in the mountainous region surrounding Telluride, Colorado. While there have been no confirmed sightings, witnesses have testified to encountering the Snow Cheetah's trademark massive pawprints, which have been known to be as wide as your neighborhood punchbuggy. These massive paws are the rumored source of the Snow Cheetah's speed on snow. Studies indicate that, like those furry fucking rabbits, these paws have evolved and increased their furriness to complement is massively furry physique, allowing it to bound effortlessly through fresh powder. It is believed to be the most powerful creature on the planet; nothing has ever survived an encounter with a snow cheetah. The combination of its amazing strength and speed has given the Snow Cheetah a reputation for wiping out small villages and decimating civilian populations. Research indicates there may be a connection between the Snow Cheetah and such events as the extinction of the dinosaurs, Krakatoa, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Hurricane Katrina, Chernobyl, 9/11, and AIDS. While their numbers are uncertain, it is believed that fewer than five may exist. Speculations persist that only one Snow Cheetah may be born per century due to the immense food intake required to fuel its voracious appetite. They produce asexually because their genes are perfect and no further evolution is needed.
-Yo bra, I'm gonna head up to Telluride to shred some sweet powder.

-Watch out for those fucking Snow Cheetahs.
by MRob Enterprises December 25, 2009
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Of darker race who lives in the hood
Aye bro look at that street cheetah over their!!!
by Savagemode2121 November 29, 2016
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To cheetah spot is to cover the inside of a toilet bowl with shit. This is achieved by explosive shits that blast outward in a shape resembling a hemisphere, known as a cheetahsphere.
Matt: "oh man I just took the best raging beverly!"
Brian: "nasty dude, you cheetah spotted the entire bowl!"
by thejammonster August 6, 2008
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