cheesed off - greatly annoyed; out of patience.
Where is my freaking pizza? I am getting really cheesed off!
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Phrase meaning annoy used often by Bart Simpson.
BART: Hi, guys. What's up?

JIMBO: We were just saying we'd love to meet the guy who cut off the head of that statue.

BART: What? But--but yesterday didn't you say it would be cool to cut off the head, and really cheese off everybody?

KEARNY: Yeah, that was just cloud talk, man.
by Anton Chigurh March 31, 2009
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arg, im so cheesed off with this version of pacman, i can never eat that darned strawberry in time.
by beangirl March 4, 2007
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Mad or upset about something
can also be used as cheesed up.
(that story was cheesed up)
Man, i'm gettin' cheesed off for real.
This crap isn't working, Im bout to get cheesed off in a second.
by Face D September 30, 2003
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When a guy masturbates with cheese-wiz. Or any other cheese product.
James Etherton prefers to cheese-off after a good fuck in the ass.

-Look up James Etherton for further explanation
by Rachel Ewald April 9, 2004
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Some gay sounding, Ned Flanders type shit that chumps who are too pussy to say 'pissed off' say instead.
Wally: Well golly gee, Johnny, I was just so cheesed off!

Johnny: Man, shut the fuck up and just say 'pissed off'...
by osibisa October 5, 2007
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