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Pass gas. The old timey way.
He cut a fart, silent but stinky, and soon he had the room to himself.
by Anton Chigurh January 01, 2009

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Phrase meaning annoy used often by Bart Simpson.
BART: Hi, guys. What's up?

JIMBO: We were just saying we'd love to meet the guy who cut off the head of that statue.

BART: What? But--but yesterday didn't you say it would be cool to cut off the head, and really cheese off everybody?

KEARNY: Yeah, that was just cloud talk, man.
by Anton Chigurh March 31, 2009

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Mob muscle.
When Guido fell behind his payment schedule the loan sharks sent over the mokes for a tune-up.
by Anton Chigurh January 08, 2009

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Someone who is always behind the eightball. Comes from the expression "to be gassed", i.e. to be out of breath.
Detroit's Big Three are real gassers. (The cars they produce guzzle gas and their management is clueless about how to compete.)
by Anton Chigurh December 04, 2008

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