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To be at full potential, fully engaged or at peak operating efficiency.
“Timmy really cheeched his way through that class.”
“We built a big campfire and had her cheeching really good.”
“I sprayed a bunch of ether into that intake and had that old diesel cheechin’ in no time.”
by Dale can wheel November 20, 2018
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To follow someone from room to room in a cat-like manner.
"Did you notice how her new boyfriend is always cheeching?"

"I know, it's so sweet."

OR, a derivative of cheeching:

"He is such a cheech"

"I know, he follows her around everywhere."
by miss white October 29, 2012
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to hit assault someone then threaten to hit them
"I i just cheeched someone."

"dont make me cheech you!"

"you just copped a cheeching."
by the cheechmeister February 03, 2010
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