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Cheat Codes use to refer just to entering in a sequence of inputs either buttons from a controller or characters from a keyboard used to change the way your games are played. Cheat Codes are created by the developer and put in the game intentionally. This idea originated from game testers to be able to easily skip levels, heal their character, gain an item, etc to effectively test the game. The term Cheat Code is now commonly used for anything to help a player with their game. Cheat Codes now can be actual codes typed in to unlock a feature of the game or hint like a location of a hidden item players want to find. Can be a strategy to perform a function in the game as well.
cheatmasters specializes in cheat codes for gaming systems like the Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo families. Need a cheat for a game? then visit them to get help with your game.
by Cheat Master September 29, 2009
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Unfairly awesome; an act or object so redonkulous that a higher power must have programmed it into the game of life.
His life is Cheat Code; the dude is wealthy, popular and handsome!

Our Quarterback is Cheat Code; the guy can't be stopped!
by Racer XXX October 15, 2009
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Advancing your status or point level by using code, or some sort of unit. (ex. Game Genie, Game Shark)
Usually called out when someone is playing electronic games of any sort.

Bee : WHAT! how did you get fifty points all of a sudden?

Jace : Cheat Codes Bee, Cheat Codes.


Dirk : He just killed me from the other side of the level! CHEAT CODES!!!
by JTRON January 12, 2006
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A Cheat Code, or Cheat Code Feature is somebody who, when putting in a verse, absolutely kills it, in turn making the song better.
Ayy dawg, you hear that song Ikuyo.
Yeah 2 chainz is such a Cheat Code
by Velvet j July 30, 2018
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1.Special Codes that only losers/pussies use when they suck to much to play the game how it was made to be played.

Rex: hey Jim i just got to level 30!

Jim: thats because you used Cheat Codes, PUSSY!


Bob: well shoot, im stuck, and i lack the confidence in my sexuality to continue this game without using Cheat Codes.

Rex: hurray! cheat with me bob!

now bob and rex are dead.
by AnonymousHippopotamus November 19, 2006
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Cheat Code: a red bull vodka ordered at a bar; because it gets you very drunk but gives you energy to extend your drinking at the same time, a cheat code when out on the town.
“Yeah I was pretty tired when we first got to the bar, so I ordered myself two cheat codes to get me going for the rest of the night.”
by Back Left Corner ofThe Library January 30, 2018
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