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Chayton's are known as good people but are very aggressive when they're mad. Most chayton's are good at sports and are very romantic towards girls with an R in there names epesialy girls that start with the letter R. Chayton's are known for getting in trouble a lot but most of the time it's at school. Chayton's are people that like to say sweet things to people (mainly girls) that matter to them. Most Chayton's are fast and don't gain weight very fast. Chayton's always act like there not so tuff, but most Chayton's are the strong ones in a group of people.
Watch out lady's, here comes Chayton
by Ip pits over 9000 December 11, 2017
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Amazing person, that cares for their girlfriends. They often cheat and lie but they end up going back to their first love.
guy 2: i love her

Guy 1: then go back to her Chayton.
guy 2: i will.
by Bobbythebuider August 01, 2017
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