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A really, really great guy. Kind to others and especially girls, and if he is mean then he is joking or is flirting. A and B student who doesn't even try. Not very much girls like him but he deserves more than that. He can make your heart stop from too many compliments and love. He will break plans with his buds just to be with his loved ones or significant other. He is one of those boys that will have popcorn fights in the theatre And dance in a small group of friends. Mostly assumed gay but is defiantly not. Once you get to know him you will get in love with his shy personality and petite smile.
Omg chayse is soooo nice

Chayse come help me with this worksheet

I wish chayse would ask me out
by Ub133haha January 17, 2014
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A beautiful girl that no one will ever forget. ***WARNING***
Chayse's beauty may temporarily stun and disable your brain, preventing you to speak or breathe and make you stand in front of her like a fool. To avoid this predicament, do not make eye contact. Her eyes will make your heart stop beating. The color of her eyes change so often. You want to know what color they are so badly, but you don't want to ask her because you still want to keep guessing at it since her eyes are so full of life, determination, and hope. She's also beautiful on the inside. She'll never admit she's smart or beautiful because of her humbleness. That just makes her even better. She always puts others ahead of herself. She's kind and sweet to the core. This is one girl you never want to lose.
"Wow, her presence brightness my day, like sunshine"
"Dang, where can I find a Chayse?"
"Chayse is perfect! "
by Maro10 June 12, 2018
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Someone who calls everyone emo so poeople don't realize he is. Also, he needs to satisfy himself.
by Mr. Woodcock March 05, 2008
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a really hot girl who is irisistible some guys can't live without her!shes kind but mean to the people she's trying to flirt with or likes.or she's just mad at you hehe.cant stand losing her friends! thinks everyone likes her but most do!shes crazy sometimes and very daring but can be scared sometimes. she's really hyper at sometimes but other times she's so tired. barley thinks anyone's cute and is scared or gets anxiety when someone ask her out or says they like her.
did you see chayse she's so crazy!!
by emmareayle April 09, 2018
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A crazy ass bitch that needs to be stopped. She’ll take your food and make you throw away the trash. SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE SMOKES WEED MOST OF THE TIME AND SHE HAS TOO MANY GOD DAMN DOGS
Did you see that Chayse over there??!
by Dhdhhshfhd June 03, 2018
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A very lanky person, who is a nut on a pushbike who favours hillybilly tendencies, namely playing the banjo and being a goon. He thinks he is a hardcore trials rider but he is far from it and should give up right now before making an ass of himself. Often seen building pushbike jumps in dirty clothing.
morgs: whats hillbilly up to
wingers: probly something psycho on a pushbike
by wingers October 28, 2004
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