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Usually the spawn of Satan that claims to be jesus.

also the most amazing mutha fucka whose ever lived.

People with this name are beast at any video game except arcade fighting games, but their specialty is guitar hero

also usually seen surrounded by hot girls

all in all, this person is a living god
Dont mess with Chayce, he will kill you.
by Sav1or November 23, 2010
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Beyond Perfect. An girl that's more amazing and beautiful than anyone in the world. Anybody that comes in contact with her should just feel blessed
Chayce is by far the most amazing and beautiful girl in the world!
by Jack Mehoffff March 22, 2013
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No explanation big dick, baller, gets all the girls
Girl 1: Omg Chayce is so cute

Girl 2: Chayce is gonna be mine first
Girl 1: He's gonna be mine not yours
by Jimmy Garrett February 25, 2018
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He is the buffest guy YOU (as in you reading this) will ever meet.

LOVES the much that you won’t find him anywhere else. So you know he has, without a doubt, a hot body. At first he’s an asshole..but once you get past his asshole-ness, he’s actually a really awesome guy. He is undeniably attractive, what you would call a pretty boy, minus the fuck boy part. Very self disciplined. Doesn’t care to party like most guys. He’s a beast at videos games, so prepare to lose. He’s very funny and will make you laugh out public. Ask him for advice and chances are he’s always right. He is the real deal and will always have your back. Definitely one of a kind and will keep you on your toes. His favorite number is 7, but you’ll be the lucky one if you get him ;) Just one hit of him and you’ll never ever be the same. You WILL need a Chayce.

P.s. he loves donuts
Everyone needs a Chyace in their life.

It’s all about the Chayce

Where’s the bodyguard? Oh, you mean Chayce
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An asshole who will cheat on his girlfriend and claim it was your fault. The absolute biggest motherfucker you will meet.
Don’t be friends with Chayce, he’ll break your heart.
by suckmytitty March 19, 2019
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