A person of caucasian descent with tan skin. A chavvi is denied any rights and is abused.
"Look at that chavvi, he is trying to drink from the white people water fountain. Let's rape him"
by popcorny August 10, 2012
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Old gypsy term for a newborn baby, or young child. Still sees some use in London slang.

Thought to be part of the origin of the word chav.
Is the Chavvie due yet, Bill?
by cactusx102 November 10, 2007
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An adjective used to brand something, such as an item, object, activity, TV show, even a moral choice etc, that would stereotypically appeal to a chav
e.g: Burberry, Bling, casual sex and associated low morals, Little Britain the list goes on.

The word is pretty much always used in a negative sense by non-chavs, as to them the thing in question is undesirable.
Guy 1: These trainers are cool.
Guy 2: Nike? It's a bit chavvy isn't it?
Guy 1: Oh yeah, suppose so *puts down trainer in disgust*
by PsychoFox August 10, 2007
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an adjective version of chav.

someone or something that is chav-like
That girl was so chavvy.
by SongGirl07 March 14, 2006
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Refers to a mate of the 'pikey' or 'Traveller' family ,i.e 'Oight chavvy!, pass da reefer bouy!'
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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A short form of this word is chav. Common in southern England.
You chav!
by Ian Chode September 02, 2003
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