Romany word meaning children.

Romany also use it as a synonym for friend.
Alright there my chavvy?
by RomanyMush January 07, 2018
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aww mate check out dis chavvy chain i got from argos, it turns green in the shower. awwww maaaate
by Wobbo April 21, 2008
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One who is truly in touch with the skank, ned, chav and cheap jewelery.
Likely to have muffin effect waistlines and muffin effect cleavage and/or muffin effect cankles.
Blasphemy is another common symptom.
She sleeps in a bus shelter the chavvy-mink!
by Bee R June 06, 2007
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chav comes from the dialect of the kent/romany travelling community, the travellers are known as "didikais" -

pronounced DI-DI-COYS.
the did's are know for lots of slang such as cushdy bok (a good thing), rozzers or cozzers (police), cosh (fighting stick), gavver (police). and of course chav (for a good child) so there you have it!

that tea is a teaving chavvy.

or hes/she's a real chavster
example should include the word "chav chavvy"
by jahur March 07, 2011
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one who catches chavvies (i.e the police).
oh no chavvy catchers are out again them fooking chav theives must be about.
by blues hat January 01, 2005
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a word to describe a quiet chav
that chav aint spoken in a while, shes a right chivvy chavvy
by Ge xx June 01, 2007
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car protection devices designed with the sole purpose of destroying the genitalia of any godamm thieving batsards who happen to come to close to your car with a coathanger and industrial strength metal dissolver
hey bill, check out my new protection system, lets see that goddam toe-rag try and steal my radio now
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