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A chat that is a lot of fun until that bitch holly logs in.
ohh chatzy is a lot of fun....wait no. NVM. That bitch holly just logged in.
by :D..... July 15, 2009
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One of the hives of furry and kinky activity, that is not well known. Raiding it is also difficult due to the precautions the rooms take. The rooms vary from little teenagers whining about depression to people spamming the chat with an e621 Image trying to get hard off RP. The PM system is a bit unstable, but if you need to jack off, people tend to flood the chat with furry porn. If you aren't into that stuff, STAY AWAY. Otherwise, go right ahead.
Example of chat room text from Chatzy
Axel Dragon/M/Pan: Ref Some image from e621
Jake (Dog, M): Did u get my PM Amy?
Jiji Femboy Demon: That's hawt Axel
Hanna: NSFW Image
Axel Dragon/M/Pan: Jiji u got one too?
Jiji Demon Femboy: Yeah hold on.
Amy <Dog Slut>: I'M TYPING OKAY1
by EmBruhTriple March 09, 2017
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"crazy" or "crazily-awesome"

used as a noun, name, and for sarcasm

can also be used as a random answer
"Hey Chatzy!"

"...I ate oatmeal today" "Chatzy!
by MarfieTheBeastie October 06, 2010
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