To light ones anus hairs on fire and ripping a fat one, effectively becoming a human flamethrower.
“Hey did you hear about how Charlie did a Mexican Charzard in Darrel’s basement last week? He caught his mom’s new drapes on fire.”
by Joe Mama 69,420 December 14, 2021
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When your grandma gets booty raped by a big black dude in an elevator.
I saw her charzarding in my friends garage.
by nonoppopp August 3, 2022
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you can see charzarding on her instagram 😘
by turtle.balls December 23, 2021
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A person who made me they're Vrchat child
Hes a chill dude who you can make good friends with and if you luck enough you too can become one of his kids or good friends with me
Person: Aye man you know Mr Charzard

Me: Yeah apparently you can be good friends with him

Person: oh cool I'll try and make friends with him
by Parfait<3 December 31, 2022
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