When your fucking a girl and then right before you cum you set her pubes on fire then extinguish it with your cum.
by c0rnh0le October 10, 2019
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when someone post deceiving pictures of themselves to make themselves look better, but in reality they're gross.
Leslie is such a charzard, she isn't that skinny in real life.
by muscle mel May 18, 2011
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A plant made in japan when smoke it give such effects a coke and weed together
I smoke some charzard and boy was i fucked up
by loser man April 21, 2005
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When you set your girls ass on fire then put it out with your cum and scream you dont have enough badges to train me then run out of the room flapping your arms like a bird while you scream
by flying gamose February 23, 2018
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When you set the man’s beard on fire and the woman squirts on his face to put it out and then he spits it in her face and shouts “you don’t have enough badges to train me”
I’m going to reverse charzarding you tonight
by Beverlyforgrieve August 6, 2023
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A cheesy charzard is when a girl is giving head to you and you come in her mouth, While the jizz is in her mouth, you strike her throat with a open palm (Kind of like a karate chop) And she will spit out all the cum on your dick and pubes. Hense the name cheese because cum has the texture of molten cheese and charzard because the girl spits it out like charzard spits out fire.
"Hey dude did you give a cheesy charzard to that hot chick last night"
by xl butera lx January 24, 2009
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To light ones anus hairs on fire and rip a fat one, effectively becoming a human flamethrower.
“Hey did you hear about how Charlie did a Mexican charzard in Darrel’s basement last week, he caught his mom’s new drapes on fire.”
by Joe Mama 69,420 December 14, 2021
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