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A school which is funded by the public school system with small class sizes. Often an outlet for students who would be lost within a larger public school, or outcasted.
My parents couldn't afford a private school so they sent me to a charter school.
by atown-aggie December 17, 2006
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the most boring fucking 'school' ever. Charter condenses all the bad things about school (work, homework, having to sit there doing nothing) and takes out all the fun parts (friends, talking, break, um other human beings). Charter is where bad kids go, or in my experience, my mother wanted me at home to look after my sisters all day, so she enrolled me in this fucked up 'school'. You're not allowed to talk so you don't meet any of the other students, but you wouldn't want to anyway, cuz they're lame. Smokers, goth, pregnant, ghetto, probation, druggies, kids who couldn't deal with school cuz of the social pressure, and drug dealers are the only people you will meet/see in CHarter. Trust me, I thought high school was bad, but now I miss having actual human beings to tlak to instead of not being able to talk like I'm in fucking prison.
"I go to Monte Vista. What about you?"
"Charter School."
"That sucks."
by Angelacia June 11, 2007
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Best damn school there is. Beats the hell out of public schools because in this you get one-on-one with a teacher. You only go to school once a week for one hour! It's pick up your homework packets which are easy...then come in on school and take the test. Each test you pass you get a credit.
Charter school students graduate before Public schools.
My grades sucked at my public school but when I joined charter school I was actually passing.
by Bobby De Niro October 15, 2004
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Fucking gay schools where a certain number of students are allowed. Nothing interesting happens in charter schools. Little bit of people.
Fuck why the hell did I have to get accepted to this gay charter school.. I wanna go back to my old public school.
by AC March 20, 2005
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A place in Goleta where pussyass kids go.

and where a mysteriou mustached cheese-eating man hides behind every corner... waiting for someone to drop that string delight.

Small and poor and for losers.

right next to Goleta Valley, but still manages to be cooler than Goleta Valley.
Zach: yo man, you go to SB charter school?
Sev: yeah, man, I was causin' problems.
Sev: yeah.... I go to charter.
by Excharterretarder September 08, 2008
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