Charlee is a girl who is down for anything, you could text her and she'll be ready for it. She's also beautiful, fun to be around, and has some interesting jokes. Charlee's are also super down to Earth, they have amazing fashion sense and most white girls want to be her. She's a triple threat and just all around talented. She loves music and basically cool as shit. She's an amazing friend and always knows what to say, but sometimes she needs you to be there for her too with all the right words. If you ever meet a Charlee, make sure you're friends with her, she will be one of the nicest people you could possibly ever meet. She doesn't care how look or how "popular" you are she will accept you for you.
You: "Yo, Charlee you wanna go do some shit?"
Charlee: "Yeah man, let's go!"
by lanadelreybandwagoner June 8, 2014
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Charlee is down to earth she has probably been through shit in her past but she shows no emotion. She is the prettiest out of every one in her group and the most nicest person you will ever meet.she will accept every one and she is encouraging person. She is one of the most talented people girl you will ever meet. She is also very strong and will never give up.
Charlee:you are great at that keep going ......
by Elmo le May 27, 2020
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The most beautiful out of all her friends yet thinks she the ugliest. Charlee is street smart and knows how to pull at the guys heart strings. Charlee has lived a tough life but you would never know it. She's tough and shows no emotion. Charlee can form a personality to different people and fits in in any situation. Charlee is a realist and a good friend to have.
Everybody needs a Charlee
by Canyouhandleit June 11, 2018
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A charlee is a gorgeous girl. Charlees are one of the nicesest people you could ever meet! It may not seem so at first but when you get to know her you will not regret it. Most charlees have brown hair and almond eyes. She loves everything even if it is the ugliest thing anyone has ever seen she is more glass half full type of girl. Meeting a charlee is the best thing ever!
Me: I remember the first time i met charlee.

Friend: really

Me : it was the best day of my life!
by Sticks4life! May 1, 2019
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Charlee is the type of person who would do any dare. E.g jump into a Bush. She is also the type of person who is down to do anything at anytime. Sometimes popular,she can make you laugh until you end up on the fucking ground. She is also down to fight anyone and will possibly put you in the hospital. Typically a tomboy and typically had auburn hair and hazel eyes. She dosen't share her feelings/emotions with anybody for the fear of being judged. Has been through a lot of shit but nobody knows.
Jake :Aye Charlee wanna go skateboarding?
Charlee : Fuck yeah dude .

Matt : Come at me bruh.
Charlee : *Lunges an him K.O ing him *
by Ohshitmybad October 21, 2018
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Charlee is a brown haired and deep blue eyed girl she's as pale as milk but she's the most beautiful out of everyone, she'll make you laugh from the second you meet her. Although she's not fussed on lads she still manages to have lads following her around, all her friends think she's the greatest, although Charlee always listens to everyone who needs to talk but when it's her time everyon takes advantage and talks over her, this affects her but she needs to realise that there's always one persons listening to her because I think Charlee is the best person to be around she that type of girl who doesn't wear makeup to school but she can sure turn up to party's looking fine, she is a girl who EVERYONE can love. She's that type of friend who could just eat dominos with a binge watch a Tv show on Netflix show, Charlee is the ultimate friend you could ever ask for...
Jack:"I'm in love"
Elle:" oh so you met Charlee"
by .F.r.i.e.n.d.s. July 26, 2018
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Charlee has the best style and is the coolest in the group by far. She is hot and smexy all the guys fall for her. She is athletic and talented she is one of of the best people you will ever meet If you ever meet a Charlee you should keep her close to your heart forever.

Guy 1: Whoa that girl is smexy

Guy 2: that must be a charlee
by Koool August 6, 2021
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