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Charlee is a girl who is down for anything, you could text her and she'll be ready for it. She's also beautiful, fun to be around, and has some interesting jokes. Charlee's are also super down to Earth, they have amazing fashion sense and most white girls want to be her. She's a triple threat and just all around talented. She loves music and basically cool as shit. She's an amazing friend and always knows what to say, but sometimes she needs you to be there for her too with all the right words. If you ever meet a Charlee, make sure you're friends with her, she will be one of the nicest people you could possibly ever meet. She doesn't care how look or how "popular" you are she will accept you for you.
You: "Yo, Charlee you wanna go do some shit?"
Charlee: "Yeah man, let's go!"
by lanadelreybandwagoner June 08, 2014
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Porn Star. Sexiest Thing On Earth. A Total Fittie With A Sexy And Gorgeous Blonde Hair. Every Man Wants One...And Woman ;)
Boy:What happened, you're ugly now...
by Lucyyyy November 23, 2007
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The most beautiful out of all her friends yet thinks she the ugliest. Charlee is street smart and knows how to pull at the guys heart strings. Charlee has lived a tough life but you would never know it. She's tough and shows no emotion. Charlee can form a personality to different people and fits in in any situation. Charlee is a realist and a good friend to have.
Everybody needs a Charlee
by Canyouhandleit June 15, 2018
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The weirdest person you'll ever see in your life. If you look at her you'll become weird as well`
Oh no, isn't Charlee. I'll now be weird for the rest of my life now
by ballsucker28 January 12, 2018
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Charlee is an amazing boy with the prettiest hazel eyes. He is both book smart and people smart, and he is very well rounded. Charlee is also very popular among his peers and those younger and older to him, and with the ladies. Basically, he appeals to everyone. He is not worried about what people say to him, but is very protective of his friends.
"You gotta love Charlee bro."
by horrible12345 June 01, 2017
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Charlee is an amazing boy, usually with brown hair. He is really attractive and hangs round with lots of girls. He is very popular among his peers and never fails to make someone laugh. A Charlee is someone who will have a long conversation with the one person he trusts the most.
« Is that Charlee »
« Ye. He’s fit isnt he »
« Yes »
by AlyPeera09 May 31, 2018
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