Two face piss taking cunt who can’t hold a relationship acts like a slag gets caught cheating and decides to fake to still love them and goes back to her ex
Did u see that bitch Chantelle
by Hated🐢 December 05, 2019
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What people call ‘A typical shields lass’

Enjoys a bellabrusco out a sparkly pink sequen champagne flute on a Friday night when her mam has the kids

Buys knock off tabs for 4 pound from the icet and finds no shame in going to the shops in her leopard print pyjamas

Will give oral for sniff on tick
You remind me of a Chantelle!
by Mrkellogglee April 07, 2019
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A person who exploits the good nature of others trying to get something for nothing
can i chantelle a fag
by SAVAGE`111 September 18, 2018
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Someone: did you see Chantelle

Me: I can’t miss her sees orange
by Skkks and I OOP October 20, 2019
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Chantelle is a funny,kind positive girl.She always looks at the good side of people.Chantelle loves to play alot of sports espacially basketball and football.She will go through alot in life but she has kind supporting family and friends.When she says it's a promise she keeps that promise.You can always trust and rely on Chantelle because she always has your back.Sometimes you might even meet and date a Chantelle.Just becarefull you won't lose her because she is a one of a kind.Chantelle will stay happy until she gets really sad.You dont wont to make her sad or otherwise she can get furious at you or even worse she can crys and and has trouble breathing.She can have enimies and besties but she can be kind and mean to frenimies.Remeber you want to a bestie not aa enimie.

When you find a Chantelle cherish every moment you spend with because it just might be the last time you might see or even hangout with her again.If you find Chantelle never let her go.
If you find a Chantelle never let her go.
by Apple62 March 11, 2016
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