1. Hispanic word for a cheap sandal or flip-flops; also known as chancla. Often found under the bed.

2. Often used as disciplinary tool to correct lamentable behavior.

May be used as a adjective (chancletero/chancletera-one who wears cheap sandals/flip flops; also used as verb (chanclaso-severe beating with a chancleta/chancla)

1. "Yo, why are you wearing socks with chancletas?"

"Get my chancletas, I'm going out"

"Have you seen my chancleta, I seem to have misplaced it"

2. "You better clean that room before you get a chancleta in the face!"

3. "Why is your thigh red?

It got in the way of a chancleta."

4. "I hear that chancletero coming down the hall"

5. "I came home late last night and got the chanclaso of my life!"

by Datchik October 06, 2008
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a deadly weapon choose my Hispanic grandmothers
Aye I gonna smack jew with da Chancleta
by Deadpoolcp123 May 27, 2018
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A word for flip flops or other type of slip on, inexpensive sandal. Only SoFla people ever know what I mean when I say it. The word is Spanish Slang Cuban and Carribean influenced. Miami girls wear them everywhere in the 00's. Also called Chanks, or Chanx.
"dame mis chancletas!"
"gimme my chancletas!"
by chellybelly March 24, 2005
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Tools used by Cuban parents to instill discipline and fear into their offspring for major, minor, miniscule or sometimes non-existant infractions of their will, which is until you are 18, the Supreme Law of the Land.
Hey Pedro, for getting that "C" in class, go into your mother's closet and bring out the Chancletas we are going to beat you with.
by Davdav2000 September 20, 2006
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Noun: Cheap-ass 6 dollar slip-on open toed sandles. (sometimes worn by Jay-Z.)
Adj: being cheap or lacking style. (derogatory)
"you say you're the king of New York, you're rockin sandles with jeans, sandles with chancletas with jeans, and you're 42 years old"
"you rock chancletas with jeans"
by Cam'ron. April 03, 2006
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puerto-rican sandals
Rapper ,hiphop giant Jay-z was seen in a pair of chancletas while on vacation with his girlfriend,and singer Beyonce Knoweles
by Brinton Thomas September 16, 2006
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when a kid, a teenager or a young adult wears old ass chancletas.
(or wearing your grandpa's or grandma's shoes)
me: *looks down to see what your wearing*
you: what?
me: why are you wearing that?
you: uhm.. because I was fishing...?
you: uh...
me: look my chancletas are better than yours!
by the boring one August 07, 2019
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