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The fear of sidewalks
“I was walking on the grass and then passed out after seeing a sidewalk right next to me, I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with sidewalk phobia”
by L0g December 11, 2018

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Subject: CHA-mP-ION

Unfathomable skill that no one else besides 7 men can withhold. You can spot a champion in the wild. If you spot someone uttering the word "champion" over and over again, that's a true champion right there. Unlimited strength and power, they carry the establishment for which they are apart of. Anyone who tries to test a champion will immediately be criticized and killed.
"Now that's a true champion right there"
by L0g October 02, 2019

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TikTok is a social media networking system that makes 99.87% of people cringe until their neck is numb. When someone is "hitting and missing", they immediately have lost all respect as a human on this planet and will immediately be shot. There is nothing else to explain how horrible this network is.
"TikTok is crap"
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by L0g October 04, 2019

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