To engross oneself entirely at a champion level, whereas a person becomes a champion in all respects. The state of being "championized" can come and go, however it usually lasts longer under the influence of alcohol.
After drinking three beers in 5 minutes Joe exclaimed, "I am championized."
by JSharkey September 28, 2006
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The disease/sickness of being good at everything, or always winning.
"Wow, we won again, I need to get rid of this championitis, so we can level the playing field."
by TheHonor August 5, 2009
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Subject: CHA-mP-ION

Unfathomable skill that no one else besides 7 men can withhold. You can spot a champion in the wild. If you spot someone uttering the word "champion" over and over again, that's a true champion right there. Unlimited strength and power, they carry the establishment for which they are apart of. Anyone who tries to test a champion will immediately be criticized and killed.
"Now that's a true champion right there"
by L0g October 2, 2019
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Aggreeance or affirmation.
Me: Let's get outta here.
You: Champion that.

Me: That girl is smokin' hot.
You: Champion that.
by Scotty March 12, 2004
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Someone who commits an act of the following: extreme courage, extreme awesomeness, or extreme stupidity; one who is worthy of positive recognition for such an act.

May be shortened to "champ".
"Did you hear about the guy who ate a stapler?"
"Man, that guy is such a champion."
by nmglover May 8, 2008
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A drink consisting of half sweet tea and half beer. A popular drink on a hot day in the south.
Hey, Michael. Do you know what would be a refreshing drink after that hot golf round? A Champion.
by Cstasila January 5, 2012
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the definition of a champion is as follows. one who has an infinite willingness to put his team on his back doe. you will never see so much determination in another person doe. a champion is perfection at everything he does i.e. sports, schooling, jobs, or life in general.
Wow those guys Brandon Josh and Steven are are champions at life.
by HOLDMADeee May 7, 2011
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